Taking care of French Bulldogs in Warm climate

French bulldog has become favorite breed for dog lovers throughout the world. They have a lot of positive characteristics, which might not be available in other dogs. These animals are best for indoor life and don’t actually go well for outdoor or backyard areas. The genetic traits of French bulldogs have the ability to survive in only certain climatic conditions. They can’t go easily with warm weathers as there are chances to get heat strokes during this weather.

Physical characters affecting heat tolerance

French bulldogs are popular with their appearances, but it is due to their facial features that there are some warnings attached with the animals. They have short nose with flat heads. These dogs might have breathing troubles and get respiratory syndrome.

French bulldogs have lesser sweat glands and are unable to release heat from the body. They require high time to regulate their body temperature and it causes problem for them during warm weather. Warm climatic conditions can be tough for the breed and if there is not proper care undertaken, the results can be even fatal for the dog. It is important for owners to take special care of the animal during warm season.

Taking care of French Bulldogs in Warm climate

Frenchies should never be left outside the house for long periods of time. It can lead to stresses on their body and makes them incapable to breathe properly. They can’t bear too much of exercising or physical stress. It is the reason for artificial insemination procedure followed to make the female dogs pregnant as males get breathing issues while mating.

French bulldogs are delicate for warm temperatures and require personal care to avoid them from becoming victim of overheating. The dog should be given water on regular basis and kept in indoor regions, when the temperature and humidity level is too high. They should be given shade from sun and not taken outside quite often in summers.