French bulldogs make great pets

French bulldogs have their origin from the land of England. These dogs are in fact the decedents of English bulldogs bred with French dogs to originate a new breed called ‘French bulldogs’. Earlier, the English bulldogs were brought in the lands of France and the French breeders made their efforts to build the characteristics of bulldogs in new French pattern. These dogs have bat ears and lively expressions. The weight is about 18-28 pounds and body is quite muscular. You will love the eyes of French bulldogs as they are quite expressive and give you an admirable appearance.

The ears of French bulldogs are big and bat kind of shape. They are amiable dogs having wrinkled skin on the face. These dogs have straight tails and remain happy in comfortable conditions. The legs are shorter, but stout. They get obese very soon and being their caretaker, you have to be particular about giving them good food. The color tones of French bulldogs are beige, black, brown or white (It can be combination of these dogs). They don’t require much grooming due to the coating of their skin.

Your French bulldogs can secure your family by being the best watchdogs. You can make them great friends with your family. The personality of these animals is very affectionate and they behave well with others. They can get great behavior by getting a fair attitude from their owners. You can cuddle with them and they will make you feel great with their tenderness.

The breeding of French bulldogs is not too easy as there are not excessive of these dogs around. The mother bears maximum three puppies and these dogs have big heads which makes the delivery tougher. The age is about 12-14 years and they are quite active till 10 years of age. The dogs are very sensitive to heat and can get strokes very soon. These intelligent dogs can bring liveliness to your life.