Advantages & Disadvantages of French Bulldogs

French bulldogs are the compact sized dogs having competence to become great pets. They are the most loved dogs having great character.


French bulldogs are very intelligent creatures having capacity to learn things very soon. They can be great to give effective security to their masters. They can bark, but not in contemptible way, which makes them a bit less expressive. Otherwise, they can secure your house and make you feel relaxed even when you are not at home.

They have good behavior and if trained well, they will do every activity according to you. They would also hunt for unwanted animals getting into the house. If you have other pets, French bulldogs will get well with them. These dogs are highly affectionate and rather play well with family members. Being compact sized, you will not have to give them too much space. They can be trained at front or backyard of the house to play around and have fun.


French bulldogs can be stubborn at times, but it is not such a big issue. They usually have problems related to breathing due to their nasal shape and snore while getting sleep. They also get excessive gastric problems, if they eat anything awkward. You have to take care of them for not to eat unnecessary food or leftovers from home.

These dogs can’t swim and hence, you have to be careful about them if you are taking them outside. They have no resistance to high temperature and can get heatstroke very often. Hence, you have to be extremely careful about making your decision to choose these pets. You will find the pure breeds at higher price and they will require your fullest attention especially in the early phases of their life.

It is ultimately your decision to consider the pros and cons before finalizing your decision to buy French bulldog.