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French bulldogs make great pets

French bulldogs have their origin from the land of England. These dogs are in fact the decedents of English bulldogs bred with French dogs to originate a new breed called ‘French bulldogs’. Earlier, the English bulldogs were brought in the lands of France and the French breeders made their efforts to build the characteristics of bulldogs in new French pattern. These dogs have bat ears and lively expressions. The weight is about 18-28 pounds and body is quite muscular. You will love the eyes of French bulldogs as they are quite expressive and give you an admirable appearance.

The ears of French bulldogs are big and bat kind of shape. They are amiable dogs having wrinkled skin on the face. These dogs have straight tails and remain happy in comfortable conditions. The legs are shorter, but stout. They get obese very soon and being their caretaker, you have to be particular about giving them good food. The color tones of French bulldogs are beige, black, brown or white (It can be combination of these dogs). They don’t require much grooming due to the coating of their skin.

dog fight - french and english bulldog puppies sticking their tongues out at each other on white background

Your French bulldogs can secure your family by being the best watchdogs. You can make them great friends with your family. The personality of these animals is very affectionate and they behave well with others. They can get great behavior by getting a fair attitude from their owners. You can cuddle with them and they will make you feel great with their tenderness.

The breeding of French bulldogs is not too easy as there are not excessive of these dogs around. The mother bears maximum three puppies and these dogs have big heads which makes the delivery tougher. The age is about 12-14 years and they are quite active till 10 years of age. The dogs are very sensitive to heat and can get strokes very soon. These intelligent dogs can bring liveliness to your life.

Advantages & Disadvantages of French Bulldogs

French bulldogs are the compact sized dogs having competence to become great pets. They are the most loved dogs having great character.


French bulldogs are very intelligent creatures having capacity to learn things very soon. They can be great to give effective security to their masters. They can bark, but not in contemptible way, which makes them a bit less expressive. Otherwise, they can secure your house and make you feel relaxed even when you are not at home.

They have good behavior and if trained well, they will do every activity according to you. They would also hunt for unwanted animals getting into the house. If you have other pets, French bulldogs will get well with them. These dogs are highly affectionate and rather play well with family members. Being compact sized, you will not have to give them too much space. They can be trained at front or backyard of the house to play around and have fun.

Advantages & Disadvantages of French Bulldogs


French bulldogs can be stubborn at times, but it is not such a big issue. They usually have problems related to breathing due to their nasal shape and snore while getting sleep. They also get excessive gastric problems, if they eat anything awkward. You have to take care of them for not to eat unnecessary food or leftovers from home.

These dogs can’t swim and hence, you have to be careful about them if you are taking them outside. They have no resistance to high temperature and can get heatstroke very often. Hence, you have to be extremely careful about making your decision to choose these pets. You will find the pure breeds at higher price and they will require your fullest attention especially in the early phases of their life.

It is ultimately your decision to consider the pros and cons before finalizing your decision to buy French bulldog.

Taking care of French Bulldogs in Warm climate

French bulldog has become favorite breed for dog lovers throughout the world. They have a lot of positive characteristics, which might not be available in other dogs. These animals are best for indoor life and don’t actually go well for outdoor or backyard areas. The genetic traits of French bulldogs have the ability to survive in only certain climatic conditions. They can’t go easily with warm weathers as there are chances to get heat strokes during this weather.

Physical characters affecting heat tolerance

French bulldogs are popular with their appearances, but it is due to their facial features that there are some warnings attached with the animals. They have short nose with flat heads. These dogs might have breathing troubles and get respiratory syndrome.

French bulldogs have lesser sweat glands and are unable to release heat from the body. They require high time to regulate their body temperature and it causes problem for them during warm weather. Warm climatic conditions can be tough for the breed and if there is not proper care undertaken, the results can be even fatal for the dog. It is important for owners to take special care of the animal during warm season.

Taking care of French Bulldogs in Warm climate

Frenchies should never be left outside the house for long periods of time. It can lead to stresses on their body and makes them incapable to breathe properly. They can’t bear too much of exercising or physical stress. It is the reason for artificial insemination procedure followed to make the female dogs pregnant as males get breathing issues while mating.

French bulldogs are delicate for warm temperatures and require personal care to avoid them from becoming victim of overheating. The dog should be given water on regular basis and kept in indoor regions, when the temperature and humidity level is too high. They should be given shade from sun and not taken outside quite often in summers.

Breeding Issues for French bulldogs

French bulldogs come with some genetic defects and the primary issue with them is that they have problems in breathing. The animal health becomes very pricey issue for keeping these animals as pets. There is necessity to keep the health statistics of your dog at the required level to consider a better health for them. You must take care of your animal by undertaking their breeding sessions with utmost care.

French bulldogs are not easily bred. You need to breed the bulldog with extensive knowledge about their health status. Healthy dogs meeting the breeding standards can actually be bred to produce healthy babies. French bulldogs have tendency to get breathing issues and it is due to the general nature of these dogs. Breeding Issues for French bulldogsThe population of these dogs is not too high and there are chances that breeders prefer them mating with other breeds. There is full research and intensive knowledge required to breed these dogs as they can get respiratory troubles while they are applying pressure or working too hard for anything.

The responsible breeders take the help of veterinary doctors to get the perfect mating process done. It is beneficial to apply time and efforts to search for the best breeder who is ready to serve as a mentor and follow their footsteps for breeding the dog. The dogs which are unable to undergo the process of mating can reproduce with artificial insemination method. There are many things to consider while you are deciding to breed French bulldog for the first time. The dog needs to qualify as a good breeding stock and with high standards. The pet quality and show dogs are different; in the sense of every minute detail about them. Breeding restrictions should be clarified before making the right choice. Reputed breeders are willing to improve quality of dogs by associating the best dogs to avoid any issues in the future.

Choose the best French bulldog puppy

French bulldogs have originated from the English bulldog breed and the French breeders used them to breed for a beautiful creation. Frenchies are very cute dogs having loving nature and clown kind of appearance. They are great companions of human beings and adored by almost all the pet lovers.

Frenchies are lively and amicable. They have good behavior for others and can live in small houses or apartments. They are indoor dogs and affectionate to their masters. You will find them active and playful. The puppies grow up to become cute dogs and they would be well concerned about you. You can take them on walks, parties or any other places; provided they are being trained well. The puppies are cool by nature and appear like clown in a happy mood.

Majority of French bulldog puppies are peaceful. You can check out with breeder to know more about a puppy and view their parents to get an idea about them. They require training and a lot of affection from your side to become good adults. If you’ve finalized your decision to get a frenchie home, it is better to know about them beforehand to get rid of any newest surprises. It will ensure that you are well prepared for different things for your dog and they don’t actually become a burden for you.

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1) French bulldogs have problems like snorting, snoring, slobbering, farting and making noises. If you are uncomfortable with such things, don’t go for adopting or buying this breed.

2) Frenchies are bad choice for keeping security of large area. They can’t bark heavily and in case of any problem or burglars, they won’t turn up quickly. It is indeed the biggest problems in them. They are not responsible as watch guards.

3) The people leading busy life and who can’t pay too much attention to pets should not choose them. During the early phases, this dog will require a lot of pampering and consideration from you.

4) French bulldogs can’t swim. If you have swimming pool at home, don’t get them as it can be dangerous for their life.